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In Person Ukulele Jams Are Back!

Folks, it’s been a loooooooong 2+ years and I HAVE MISSED YOU. Because I’ve been podded up with my elderly parents and my too-young-to-be-vaxxed child, I was slow to return to our in person ukulele jams. But I am telling you … I AM READY.

Remember when?

In the “beforetimes”, I led monthly in person ukulele jams at local non-profit Artichoke Music here in Portland, Oregon. It was always a great chance to connect with others and choose the kind of challenges that felt right for each of us, wherever we were in our musical journeys.

I’m excited to say: IN PERSON JAMS ARE BACK !!

Ukulele Bike Jam – New Date: Saturday, August 20

Join us for a tour of Portland’s parks, making stops along the way to sing and play songs on our ukes that have (perhaps barely) something to do with our different stop locations. A great chance to meet other biking ukulele enthusiasts, explore our fair city, and put those learning-by-ear skills to the test (don’t bother trying to fit a music stand on your bike, ’cause I’m not bringing music!).

Traditional Jams – July & August

These in person ukulele jams will feel really familiar to the jams we enjoyed in the beforetimes, with one exception: we will meet OUTDOORS.

Tons of in person musical fun ahead – I hope you can join me at one, several, or all of these events! Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Feel free to drop me a line here.

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