Avery Hill looks off camera with her right arm bent behind her head.

Thank you for visiting my website! After maintaining two different websites (not well), it feels great to have all of my personas and all of my work here under one umbrella. My hope is that you find it easy to navigate, informative, engaging, but not too overwhelming.

As of this posting (March 2022), I’m still building in important features, like a page for class registration, an online course library, and an Event Calendar for starters. While I continue to build, please visit my previous ukulele teaching website: www.learnsongbysong.com. It will be active for the time being, likely until sometime in June 2022.

If you have any burning questions, observations, or comments, drop me a line here.

Thanks for your patience and your support of my work!

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I'm a teaching artist: a singer-songwriter, ukulele teacher, and performer of music and stories. I really love the balance of practicing my craft(s) and sharing my love of music and stories with my students.

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