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No matter what hemisphere you’re in, the seasons are changing. Here in Portland, Oregon, the sun is still shining but the mornings are chilly and the leaves are starting to crunch beneath my feet…

My usual format of classes is changing, too! I have an opportunity these next couple months to dig deep into my online presence as an ukulele teacher. This includes giving some much needed attention to my YouTube Channel, and launching a membership option for those interested in song charts and other extra resources; uploading material from 2-3 years worth of live classes into an online format for self-paced learners; and setting up a pattern for myself on engagement on social media. One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is: I need BOOKS. CLEARED. to get started on a new project, so I can really immerse myself in the process and get some momentum going.

Weekly Classes: No. Ukulele Workshops: Yes!

As a result, I won’t be offering weekly ukulele classes this season. However, I’ll be offering a couple workshop series, both in person here in Portland and on Zoom (live / recorded). You know I can’t let you all go THAT easily 😉 Here’s a quick survey of what’s going on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, October – December 2022:

Ukestra & Ukulele Arrangements

I’ve long wanted to adapt materials I’ve taught in weekly classes for a regular workshop series of instrumental music for ukulele. This season offers us all the perfect opportunity to give it a try!

UKESTRA workshops are for those who want to play instrumental music IN PARTS with other players, like an Ukulele Orchestra (get it? Ukestra?!). We’ll meet IN PERSON here in Portland at Artichoke Music, 9:30-11:30am on 1st Saturdays. Each workshop will introduce a simple round to warm up with and learn / review musical notation. Then we’ll focus in on a traditional folk tune well suited for orchestration into different parts. There will be a part for everybody, including beginners and those just learning musical notation.

October 1: Frere Jacques / Shenandoah (Key of C)

November 5: Round TBA / Nine Hundred Miles (Key of Am)

December 3: Round TBA / Greensleeves (Key of D, Dorian mode – oooh!)

Register here through Artichoke Music and see you there!

UKULELE ARRANGEMENTS workshops are for those who want to play instrumental music SOLO at home in their practice, or in preparation for sharing in performance. We’ll meet LIVE ON ZOOM 3rd Saturdays, 10:00am-Noon PT, and also RECORD the workshop so anyone, anywhere, can join us. Each workshop will provide some warm up material and then focus on a solo arrangement of what the Ukestra workshop covered earlier in the month:

October 15: Shenandoah

November 12: Nine Hundred Miles

December 10: Greensleeves

I do recommend that participants are somewhat familiar with musical notation (tablature will also be provided), including the C scale on the ukulele. (If you’re not sure, send me a quick note and we can squeeze in a private lesson to get you caught up and squared away!)

Register here on my website for individual workshops or all three!

Beyond Beginner Ukulele Workshops

As ukulele players, at some point, we all get stuck on certain plateaus. This series of two workshops brings some variations to your STRUMMING and CHORDING to help you get past the feeling of being a constant beginner. We’ll use familiar songs as templates for working on new strumming and picking patterns, as well as different keys and inverted chords. We’ll also review how to choose the appropriate strum / picking pattern, key of chords, and chord shape variations for any song in your repertoire.

Both workshops are IN PERSON here in Portland, Oregon, at Lincoln St Methodist Church, 1:30-4:30pm.

October 15: Beyond Basic Strumming (click to register)

November 12: Beyond Basic Chord Shapes (click to register)

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Hope to see you at an upcoming workshop! As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

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