Avery Hill Songwriter Show ~ January 20

As an artist, there are ebbs and flows, phases and chapters, refrains and bridges … in other words, it’s rarely a straight path, but the good news is the path is always leading somewhere. Thus far in the pandemic, I’ve taken a step back from my work as Avery Hill the Songwriter, for a variety of reasons. Now, also for a variety of reasons, it’s time for Avery Hill the Songwriter to get back to work. 🙂

I would love to invite you to a different kind of a show… This Friday, January 20, 2023, I’ll be playing my first solo, two-set show in let’s just say a really long time. And A LOT has happened since the release of my last album in 2015. So, I’m going to be trying something a little different at this show…

Set 1 will feature a group of songs and stories that I will likely never perform together again. They are a tender group of songs that represent an important pivot point in my work as a songwriter. I’ll be honoring some important folks in my life, and also letting some of them go…

Set 2 will feature songs that point to new themes and questions in my writing. As I prepare to record my next album, I’ll be inviting YOU to be a part of the process of choosing which songs to include, which ones need a bit more work, and what additional themes and questions these songs seem to invite. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts and reflections!

You can attend in person, catch the livestream, or watch the livestream later. Thanks in advance for taking this risk with me – let’s have fun! 🙂

In-Person Tickets: https://artichokemusic.org/class.aspx?cls=875052

Livestream / Recording Link: https://www.youtube.com/@ArtichokeMusic/streams

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I'm a teaching artist: a singer-songwriter, ukulele teacher, and performer of music and stories. I really love the balance of practicing my craft(s) and sharing my love of music and stories with my students.

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